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Performing and tracking physical activities consistently is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, this may be a hard task when you try to do it manually. However, if you opt for automatic tracking system, the task is very easy. Nowadays, monitoring your physical activities and your lifestyle 24 hours is very easy with the help of latest gadgets such as Fitbit.

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What Does Fitbit Monitor?

  • Records calories consumed as well as burned on daily basis
  • Miles ran or walked
  • Your sleep patterns
  • Leader board activities
  • Steps taken
  • And so on

With the help of its tracking capacity, you will be able to find how long you are sleeping daily, the quality of your sleep, your exercising and other physical activities, how your activity levels change on daily basis, what sort of meals are the right choice for you in order to shed the extra weight, and so on. Overall, with the help of this small gadget, you will be able to find out where you are going right and where you are going wrong!

How Does Fitbit Work?

Fitbit includes a base station that can be plugged either into your Mac or Windows computer. This base station functions as a charging and syncing station too. Whatever the gadget records, it transfers the date to its official website which you can access through your personal Fitbit account.

Initially you have to provide all the information such as your age, weight, fitness goals, and so on. Then you need to setup the device for uploading the data automatically whenever wireless connection is available to its base station. In order to have this upload happen, the device should be present within 20 feet from the PC that has internet access.

The website also has an online log facility which lets you log daily calorie intake and consumption information. When you specify your weight loss goal along with the time period that you want to achieve the goal by, the website will determine and suggest you with the daily calories that you can consume. The more number of activities you are involved will lead to the more number of calories you can consume.

Fitbit Advantages

  • 95-97% of recording accuracy
  • No additional cost for data uploading
  • Regular reports and feedback
  • You do not have to count anything such as your calorie intake and consumption as the device does everything for you
  • Helpful online tools

Overall, Fitbit is a great fitness device that monitors all your daily activities, and helps you in achieving your fitness goals effectively.

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